5 Things to know before you start a Nonprofit

With all the needs currently experienced by so many humans in the world, the desire to help people is stronger than ever.  While assisting our neighbors and friends is a most admirable desire, and while starting a Nonprofit to help turn your cause and your passion into a powerful force is a very gratifying endeavor, here are 5 things to consider when you get started:

  1. Nonprofits are not owned by anyone
    You can be removed from your nonprofit by a board that votes you out.
  2. Nonprofit does not mean No Salary
    You can absolutely run a nonprofit and get paid a salary
  3. Starting a Nonprofit properly and in full compliance is not inexpensive
    Keeping your nonprofit in compliance and grant ready takes time and consistence
  4. Running a Nonprofit is extremely time consuming
    Many nonprofits fail because maintaining compliance falls through the cracks
  5. People don’t donate simply because you run a Nonprofit
    People donate to a nonprofit that has a program they believe in and want to support

Visit NurtureYourNonprofit.org for more helpful information about starting and maintaining your nonprofit, or send your questions to support@nurtureyournonprofit.org

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